I am a copywriter
I founded a private school of copywriting and narrative couching.
I invented my own method I called metacopywriting.
I love my job and I want you to love your life
The idea is based on non-verbal message even in text communication, so it become possible to read the sense and connotations between the lines, which means that one is able to manage their writing to guide the reader.

I wrote three books about the method, but the third book is a set of fairytales, written using method. Now I translate it into english.

Currently I have ten courses about writing: copywriting, style and fiction, screenwriting and written couching.
I graduated two Russian universities with a degrees in public relations and marketing. I had been working on advertising agencies for 4 years. Then I took courses in Solution-Focused Therapy, Coaching and Hypnotherapy for several years, learning and researching narrative psychology.