talk anonymously to strangers nearby
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Given: you, your Phone and your boredom.
Required: new people you can talk with.

Solution: A-Tok—an online local chat
to talk with stranger people. Anonymously
You open the chat
and now you can communicate with those
who is within a radius of 500 meters
Red bubbles are yours
Colored bubbles help you to distinguish another chatters
Up to 100 persons in one chat
do not be quiet, say Hello!
If you leave, the chat doesn't exist anymore
You cannot come back and continue the conversation
be polite
keep the dialogue
You can say everything you want
just join strangers
You can ask a question
Are shops already closed? How was the film? What was an accident two blocks near?
You can tell or read a story
What are you thinking about? Would you like to know an independent opinion?
You can find some friends
Invite people jogging, dancing, to play tennis or walk with dogs.
You can be spontanious
Just open the chat and let a conversation be!
Turn on your location
and let's start!
Use your phone